Superior Paint Coverage


LifeProof ceramic coating is almost twice as hard as the clearcoat on your car. It protects your paint from environmental irritants that would normally cause the painted surface to begin deteriorating and breaking down. Additionally, the treated surface is highly hydrophobic – meaning water simply doesn’t stick to the vehicle as it once did. That means contaminants in the water also slide off more easily. As a result, you’ll notice two differences. The vehicle stays cleaner longer because most contaminants are not holding onto the paint. Also, the vehicle is easier to wash when needed. Both are the result of a harder, slicker surface.

Superior Application

What really sets us apart is that we apply our own product – and we know how and where to do it! Our technicians have been trained, by us, in the specific preparation and application techniques needed to give your vehicle a deeper, glossier, lasting shine. Additionally, our shop is set up with a well- lighted, dust free environment. We’re not fly-by-nighters waxing the car in your driveway!

Superior Warranty

Here is another area where your average detail shop is not connected to the product. Read the warranty form for exact details, but we warranty your painted surface from deterioration for as long as you own the vehicle. Further, it’s not just us telling you there is a warranty. Our warranty is backed by an A rated underwriter and administered by a Third Party Administrator – guaranteeing your service no matter what. Ask your detailer if he can offer that! Ask his product supplier also!

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