Ceramic Paint Sealant You Can Count On - For Life!

What is LifeProof?

That’s a good question, but it’s only half of what you need to know. How about “Who is LifeProof”??? Let’s answer both questions. As for what it is - LifeProof ceramic paint sealant is a revolutionary step forward in automotive paint sealant, representing the most advanced technology in paint protection for your vehicle. You simply cannot get a better, harder, or longer lasting sealant than our ceramic technology. And, it comes with a life time warranty backed by an A rated underwriter – something you won’t find with other ceramic products.
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Now - Who is LifeProof?

Along with the warranty, how we operate is where we rise above all competitive products. We derived the formula for the ceramic sealant in our own manufacturing plant in the USA. We own the plant. We own the product. It is not outsourced, or “white-labeled” (re-packaged) from an unknown supplier. Ask your regular detailer if he knows where his products originate – does he really know who made the product? Does he know where it is manufactured? Is it domestic or a cheap foreign knock-off? It’s unlikely that he knows.

Secondly, we don’t just manufacture the sealant, we apply it in our own facilities. Our technicians are our employees, who we have trained ourselves. We are not simply buying product at a wholesale club and applying it to your vehicle after reading the label on the bottle! We are not fly by night or “mobile” detailers. We configure our facilities for one purpose – prepping your vehicle correctly and then applying the best ceramic paint protection in the industry.

See the difference? We make it, we apply it in a purpose built facility, we guarantee it. We are LifeProof!

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Vehicle Paint Coverage

LifeProof's ceramic sealant protects your car's exterior
paint from the following:
  • Paint fading
  • Loss of gloss
  • Paint chalking
  • Acid rain
  • Bird Droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Insects
  • Hard water spots
  • paint overspray
  • De-icing materials

Interior Coverage

We also offer protection for the interior of your car.
Our interior coverage protects your car from:
  • All consumable foods
  • Coffee
  • Chewing gum
  • Make up
  • Crayons
  • Food dyes
  • Blood and urine
  • Pet waste
  • Clothing dye
  • Vomit
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